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Residents of Iraq's Kurdish region have voted by huge majority in favor of independence. The official result of Monday's referendum shows a 92% yes vote. Iraq central government, neighboring countries and the United States were among those who opposed the poll. The Iraqi parliament has voted to authorize the deployments of troops to disputed areas on the edge of the Kurdish territory.

NATO has acknowledged that a US air strike close to Kabul airport on Wednesday caused civilian casualties. In a statement, NATO said a missile had malfunction and deeply regretted for what it called, "The harm to non-combatants".

Russian president Vladimir Putin says his country has destroyed all of its chemical weapons. The global watchdog which aims to eliminate such arms said it had verified the destruction, describing it as a major milestone.

The second time in a week, one of the Europe biggest airline Ryanair has announced the cancellation of a large number of flights. Ryanair insisted that this is linked to problems and scheduling leave for staff. It has denied reports that it's suffering from a shortage of pilots.

Ugandan politicians have fought inside parliament for the second day running. The roars are over plans to amend constitution to allow the president Yoweri Museveni to stand in the next election.

Russia and the US have agreed to work together in a plan to built the first Lunar's space station. NASA, which is leading the projects said the Man's station would orbit the moon and act as a gate way to deep space. It's part of a longer term plan to send humans to mars.

The Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has criticized the Ireland rebel group for blowing up 2 oil pipe lines in the north of the country, just days before a bilateral ceasefire is due to come into force. He said the attacks had caused serious environmental damage.

BBC news.