BBC新闻[翻译]:默克尔]赢得议会选举 即将第四次连任德国总理

BBC news with Neil Nunes.

Angela Merkel is on the course for a 4th term as German Chancellor after winning parliamentary elections, but her authority has been greatly diminished by a plunging support for her center-right party and the emergence of the right-wing nationalists, alternative for Germany or AFD. Mrs.Merkel now faces the difficult task of building a coalition, likely to involve talks with disparate parties. Her former coalition partners, the Social Democrats, suffered heavy losses and say they won't join the government.

Untied States has issued a new travel ban, adding North Korea, Venezuela and Chad to the list of countries whose citizens are prohibited. The restrictions for Venezuela are limited to officials working for government agencies. One of President Trump's first acts in office was to ban people from six majority Muslim countries on the grounds of national security. That executive order is still being contested in the courts.

The roar between President Trump and U.S. sports player has continued to grow as over 100 American footballers protested during the playing of the national anthem at games on Sunday. What began last year as a limited protest again racism has spiralled since Mr. Trump's accuse used an obscenity to describe footballer who boycott the anthem.

The regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan is going ahead with Monday's referendum on independence, despite strong opposition from Baghdad and neighbouring countries.

The Burmese army has accused Rohingya Muslim militants of killing 20 women and 8 men and boys whose bodies, as it says, it's discovered in a mass grave. The military said the dead belong to the Hindu community. Its account can't be independently verified.

A woman has been killed after a man opened fire at a church in the U.S. state of Tennessee. Numerous shots were fired before he was confronted by an usher.

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