BBC新闻[翻译]:纹身墨水进入淋巴系统 瑞安航空飞行员持续罢工

Hello, I’m Claudia Helmand. I’ll be here very soon with health check from the BBC, the show that looks at the latest medical and healthy findings and asks what they mean for you. A study from 15 countries shows the expectations we have on teenagers depending on whether they are boys or girls can affect their health while some families in Italy are protesting because their children can’t start school without vaccinations. And you have a tattoo. New research shows the ink from body art can get into lymphatic system. I am back after the news.

BBC News with Neil Nunes.

Rescuers in Mexico City are trying to reach a number of people they believe are still alive under the rubble of a school which collapsed during Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. A senior official told the BBC that they included a 13-year-old girl who’s sheltering under a table. Crews have managed to pass food and water to her. At least 21 children died when the building came down. Many others remained unaccounted for.

The governor of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has declared a nighttime curfew in the wake of hurricane Maria. The US National Hurricane Center has warned of catastrophic flash floods in parts of the island.

The US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson says Washington still has significant issues with the Iran nuclear agreement, even though technical aspects of the deal are being complied with. He was speaking after the first meeting of Foreign Ministers from the seven powers that negotiated the accord with the Trump administration since the Trump administration took office.

Myanmar’s vice-president has told the UN General Assembly that his government is concerned at the number of Rohingya Muslims continuing to cross the border to Bangladesh. He said the reasons are still being investigated.

A group of pilots working for Europe’s biggest airline Ryanair have rejected an offer of a cash bonus to tackle a crisis that’s led to the cancellation of thousands of flights. The pilots say they want new contracts with better working conditions instead.

Thousands of people from across Guatemala have taken part in anti-corruption protests, demanding the resignation of the president. Jimmy Morales has spiked a political crisis last month, when he ordered the explosion of an UN anti-corruption official.

Police investigating an attack on a London tube train last week have arrested a teenage boy. He is the sixth person to be held in connection with the incident.

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