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The wife of the ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has won her husband's parliamentary seat in a by-election in Lahore. An official result show Kulsoom Nawaz beating her rivals comfortably. The vote has been seen as a test of support for the governing Pakistan Muslim League ahead of next year's general elections.

US officials are considering whether to close Washington's embassy in Cuba after a series of covert sonic attacks on its staff. More than 20 embassy employees have reported health conditions ranging from mild brain trauma and hearing loss to dizziness and nausea. Cuba denies involvement.

The US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has signaled the White House's willing to engage again in the Paris Accord to fight climate change. Earlier this year, President Trump declared he'd take the US out of the agreement.

A major Atlantic storm Maria has strengthened into a hurricane on its approach to the eastern Caribbean. Maria is predicted to gain more strength before heading towards islands devastated by Hurricane Irma earlier this month.

Wildlife campaigners say criminal networks smuggling rhino horn out of Africa are processing the horn locally into jewellery to avoid detection at airports. The wildlife trade monitoring organization, Traffic, says networks of Chinese origin no longer export entire horn but rather smuggle ready-made products.

A third day of protest has turned violent in the American city of St.Louis following the acquittal earlier this week of a white former police officer who killed a black man in 2011. Police say some protestors have been breaking shop windows and throwing objects at officers.

And the annual American television awards, the Emmys, has been taking place in Los Angeles. The Handmaid's Tale, a dark story of a misogynistic dictatorship set in New England, won best drama series. The award for best comedy went to the political satire, Veep.

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