BBC新闻[翻译]:马来西亚伊斯兰学校发生火灾 致24人死亡

BBC with Jim Lee.

A fire to the Islamic boarding school in Malaysia has killed 24 people, all but 2 of them students. Officials said it was one of the country’s worst fires in 20 years. Local media in the capital Kuala Lumpur are showing images of ash-covered fire-blackened beds. There has been concern about the safety of such schools which are unregistered.

Russia is officially beginning its biggest military exercises for several years today. Codename Zapad are taking place across western Russia, Belarus and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. Moscow insists that fewer than 30,000 troops are involved, but NATO expects the exercises to be much larger.

The former drugs company boss Martin Shkreli has been jailed in the United States after a judge found that he posed a threat to the public. Shkreli had offered 5,000 dollars to anyone who could get him a strand of Hillary Clinton’s hair. US media adopts Shkreli the most hated man in America after his company hided the price of a larger saving drug.

President Trump has met the two top democrats in congress to discuss contentious issues with both sides saying, the talks over dinner at the White House were constructive. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi said they had agreed to work with Donald Trump on the border security package.

A trial opens in Turkey today of two academics who have been on hunger strikes since March when they lost their jobs for alleged terrorist links. They described the charges against them as baseless. A BBC correspondent says the two, Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca have become the most renowned of the 150,000 people who have been sacked or suspended since last year’s failed coup attempt.

The former world No.1 in women’s tennis, Maria Sharapova said she has put behind her, the doping scandal that cost her a 15-month suspension. In an interview with BBC, Sharapova said her ambition was to win a sixth grand slam tournament.