BBC news with Neil Nunes.

Meteorologists in the United States say that hurricane conditions are continuing as it courses parts of central Florida and will spread northwards spearing down on the city of Temper. Police in Miami said power lines had come down in eighty percent of the city and large areas were covered by standing water. Several cities declared overnight curfews to prevent looting.

The Caribbean islands are beginning to count the costs of recovery from devastating reach by Hurricane Erma, about 30 people on the islands died in the storm.

The trial has begun in central China of a Taiwanese democracy activist Lee Mingzhe. Mr Lee has been charged with subverting state power.

The campaign group Global Witness has released a new report of outlining what it says are the significant stakes held by the Zimbabwe's military intelligence in the country's diamond mines. Neither the mining company representatives nor the Zimbabwe officials have conmments in response to the allegations.

Scientists in Australia say they have found a way to prevent melanoma from spreading to other organs in the body. The result of two separate drug trials show they succeeded in stopping the spread of cancer in patents who had tumors surgically removed.

Bangladesh says it's facing a massive challenge in providing shelter and humanitarian assistence to some 300,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees from neighbouring Myanmar. Food, water and medicines are in short of supply.

A parliamentary voting in Cambodia has paved the way for the trial on treason charges of the main opposition leader Kem Sokha. He is accused of plotting with the US to overthrow the Cambodian government.

And Pope Francis has made an appeal for peace and reconciliation at the end of his five day tour of Columbia. At the mass in the city of Cartagena the Pope urged Columbians to untie the knots of violence.

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