BBC News with Fiona McDonald.

The Trump Administration has confirmed it’s abolishing a scheme that protected young undocumented immigrants in the United States from deportation. It’s given congress 6 months to drop an alternative. President Obama who introduced the protection scheme described the scraping as cruel and wrong.

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded is expected to hit the eastern Caribbean imminently. Officials in northern and eastern islands have ordered people to evacuate and go to public shelters. Irma is expected to bring winds of nearly 300 kilometers an hour.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has told Myanmar to end what he called the vicious cycle of violence that cause Rohingya people to flee in their tens of thousands. The Prime Minister of Lesotho’s called the assassination of the head of the military a serious setback to stability in the country. He was shot by two fellow officers.

A left-wing Indian journalist strongly critical of Hindu national’s politics has been shot dead. Police said a man on the motorbike killed Gauri Lankesh with three bullets outside a home in southern city of Bangalore.

Researchers in the United States has found the Zika virus which causes birth defect in babies could be used to fight the most common form of brain cancer in adults. Thertiz Mai showed that the Zika virus can prevent brain tumors from reoccurring by targeting brain cancers stem cells.

And scientists in Britain have invited the public to help them rescue weather records gathered from the UK's highest peak Ben Nevis. By visiting a website, you can help to digitize five big volumes of weather data. They were recorded on the mountain in the late 19th century. Once as computerized, the data will help review how much Scotland's climate has changed since then.

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