BBC News with Neil Nunes.

The Trump Administration has selected four companies to build concrete prototypes for the President's much publicized wall on the Mexico border. The wall was the subject of one of President Trump's first executive orders and has prompted protests on both sides.

Colombia's former rebel movement, the FARC has announced its new name for its new role as a political party. The movement will retain its popular acronym but roughly translated. The initials will now stand for the alternative revolutionary forces for the common people.

President Trump’s Homeland Security Advisor, Tom Bossert says rescue operations are still going on across Huston in the wake of storm Harvey. President Trump has donated 1 million dollars of his personal income.

The United States has ordered Russia to close down one of his main diplomatic missions by Saturday. The Russia consulate in San Francisco as well as diplomatic annexes in Washington and New York will close.

United States Health Agency is to cut the money it spends helping people apply for the so called Obamacare health insurance plans. In July, the Senate rejected President Trump’s plans to repeal Obamacare.

A judge in the American state of Texas has delayed the implementation of a law that bans an abortion procedure often used in the second trimester of pregnancy after 28 weeks. The ban has been put on hold until a challenge to the legislation is heard on September 14th.

A US Federal Judge in Miami has agreed to the extradition of a former Panamanian President Recardo Martinelli to face charges of corruptions and spying in his homeland. Mr. Martinelli says the charges are politically motivated.

And the man in Canada has set a new record for wearing a bee beard by beating the previous record by almost 8 minutes. Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz set for exactly 61 minutes with his face covered by bees.