Organs donation and waste data

Let's focus on some donation data. In China, there is a serious lack of human organs available. This nation ranks first in Asia and third globally in terms of the number of organs donated. But some patients still must wait for years for surgery, and many don't survive long enough to receive a transplant.

Last year, 2,766 people donated major organs after death, almost double the number in 2014. Up to May 5th this year, 7,101 people in total in China donated their organs after death. Major organs donated currently amount to 19,417.

According to Dr. Chen Jingyu, the NPC representative and one of China's leading lung transplant surgeons, about 300 lungs were donated across the nation in the first nine months of 2015. Only half of these were transplanted. The rest were discarded because of poor quality or delays in transport.