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The crowd swelled into the tens of thousands in and around Cairo's Tahrir Sq where people are demanding the resignation of Egypt's military rulers. The head of the military council has said that a transfer of power to civilian government will take place before July, but protesters say they want the military leadership out immediately. The United States is urging Egyptian police to act with restraint with at least 29 debts reported in the last few days. NPR's Michelle Calimen says the state department is also calling on Egypt's military rulers to keep their pledge to start election on time.

According to State Department's spokesperson Victorian Newlon the head of the Supreme Military Council Hussein Tantawi said a number of things that Egyptians and the US wanted to hear, that he will transfer a power to a civilian government next year and begin elections on time.

The fact that General Tantawi went out and reaffirmed today was significant and we certainly will hold the real authority to the commitments that were made today.

She wouldn't say how, Newlon said all party should remain committed to non-violence and stressed that the government has a particular responsibility to restrain security forces. Michelle Calimen NPR news Washington.

Three American students are under arrest in Cairo in connection with the protest. The interior administry says the group was arrest on the roof of an American university of Cairo building. The students are accused of throwing fire bombs at security forces who were fighting with protesters in Tahrir Sq side of the first uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak earlier this year. The most recent demonstration against the interim military rulers again has claimed at least 29 lives in the last four days.

Spain's borrowing costs have spite in the sight of investers remained worrying about holding Spanish government bonds. As Lauren Fraier reports from Madrid markets remain skeptical depite a landslide win by austerity minded conservatives in elections 2 days ago.

Spain's treasury sold off short-term bonds today at rates more than double just a month ago. Rates for longer ten-year bonds are pushing to levels that sent Greece, Ireland and Portugal into bailouts. All these just two days after opposition conservatives swept to power in parliamentary elections, the new government is expected to make huge budget cuts but the new PM Mariano Rojoy won't be swung in until at least the middle of Dec. Concern is growing that Spain's economy can't wait that long. For NPR news I'm Lauren Fraier in Madrid.

At last check on Wall Str the Dow was down 54 points at 11,493 and the Nasdaq was off 3 points at 2,520. This is NPR news.

Republican presidential candidates are due to hold their 11th debate tonight in Washington where they are expected to heavily criticize the Obama administration's foreign policy. Earlier today President Obama was stumped for supporting a New Hampshire where he accused Republicans of blocking virtually all efforts to create jobs. Yesterday the bipartisan super committee couldn't agree on a plan to cut more than a t dollars in defictis forcing automatically spending cuts begin in 2013.

Here's a new development in the case involving Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, Jason Smith of member station WURV or reports the district to attorney in the case has surpined the police records.

Two former team ball boys said that Fine sexually abused them for years dating back to the late 1970s, one of the accusers went to Syracuse police in 2002 but was allegedly told that nothing could be done because the statute of limitations had run out. Onondaga county district attorney Fitzpatrick says he's asked the police department to turn over their record from the case but he says they refused. Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner issued a statement saying the police department will not be releasing any info about the investigation to the media or any other entity in a piecemeal fashion. So Fitzpatrick got a subpoena ordering the police to turn over all of their records. He hopes to submit those records to a grand jury later today. For NPR news I'm Jason Smith in Syracuse.

Associate Press reporting that Bolivia's been hit with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, its epicenter with less than 200 miles from the city of Santa Ana. No immediate word on injuries or damage.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR news in Washington.