CCTV9英语新闻:China-US trade relations deepening

For the most part, China and the United States enjoy a smooth trading relationship. Since 2010, the two countries are each other’s second-largest trading partners.

The volume of bilateral trade has seen a steep rise over the last decade, from 80-billion US dollars in 2001, to 385-billion US dollars in 2010. China’s US imports have increased nearly three-fold. The US is also one of China’s biggest foreign investors, with 65 billion US dollars in Foreign Direct Investment over the past 10 years.

Areas where the two countries enjoy the closest cooperation include energy, environment, technology, and education. But it isn’t always a smooth sailing for Sino-US trade relations, with frequent punitive tariffs raised by the two nations in recent times.

From the last month of 2009 to the first week of 2010, 8 cases alone were brought up against China at the International Trade Commission.