CRI实用英语课堂 Unit 60:Fortuneteller I 命运算算看(上)

Part 1 Feng Shui Expert 风水大师

Dialogue Script 1 对话原文 1

Tim: Some guy on the street was telling me about my personality based on my facial features.
Jenny: That's interesting. Well, I can tell you how long you'll live based on your hands.
Tim: I didn't know you did palmistry.
Jenny: I've been doing it for years. Here, let me take a look. (grabs Jason's hand)
Tim: So how long will I live?
Jenny: Your lifeline is pretty long. I'd say you'll live to a ripe old age of ninety years.
Tim: Will I be getting married any time soon?
Jenny: Your loveline is a bit messy. It looks like you might get married two or three times.
Tim: That's Cool. So, even if I get engaged with Beth, it won't matter too much?
Jenny: How can you be so flippant when you have such a long headline?
Tim: That means I'm very smart, right?
Jenny: No. It just means you like to think through things carefully.
Tim: Something I'm thinking carefully now is, why do people believe in this stuff, anyway?
Jenny: My teacher taught me that everything on the body represents everything else.
Tim: So why don't you look at my feet?
Jenny: Because they smell bad!
Tim: Fine then. You ready to come help me decorate my room now?


1. 对话中,Jenny在给Tim看手相。刚刚在街上有个人给Tim看面相,facial 意思是“脸部的,面部的”,而features是指“五官,相貌”,一般都是以复数形式出现,在后面加-s。feature还可以表示“报纸、电视等中关于某人或者某事物的特写或专题节目”,比如说,The newspaper will be running a special feature on education next week. 报纸下周要发表一篇关于教育的专题文章。

2. Jenny觉得这挺有意思的,她还会看手相,可以根据手相来判断出Tim可以活多久,Tim原来可不知道Jenny会看手相,“手相,掌纹学”就是palmistry,那么看手相就是do palmistry。原来Jenny对手相已经研究好些年了。I've been doing it for years. 当你研究某件事情多年,已经小有心得,你就可以用上这句话,句子中的it所代表的就是你擅长的事情。 例如,You know how to read tarot cards? ---Yes. I've been doing it for years. ---你知道如何解读塔罗牌吗?---知道,我已经钻研多年了。还有,---I didn't know you were an expert on astrology. --- I've been doing it for years. ---我不知道你原来是一个星座学家。---我对星座学已经研究多年了。

3. Jenny抓住Tim的手就开始给他看手相。那么从手相上看,Tim可以活多久呢? Jenny说Tim的生命线,lifeline很长,可以活到九十岁的高龄。Tim又问自己是不是很快就会结婚了呢?Jenny研究了一下说,Tim的感情线loveline有一点乱,看起来可能会有两三次的婚姻。

4. Tim问既然是这样,那他和Beth订不订婚都不会有太大的影响了?get engaged with someone,表示“与某人订婚”。Jenny就不明白了,Tim的智慧线headline那么长,为什么他的为人还是这么轻率呢?flippant,就是指“轻浮的,轻率的,油滑的”,比如说,He just gave me a flippant answer. 他漫不经心随口给了我一个答案。

5. 这里我们总结一下每个人手相上的三条最重要的线,lifeline,生命线;loveline,爱情线;还有headline,智慧线。Tim问,智慧线长是否代表着他很聪明呢?Jenny回答说不是,那只代表一个人喜欢仔细地考虑事情。Tim说他现在在思考的事情就是为什么有那么多的人会相信这个东西。

6. Jenny的老师告诉她,每个人身体上的每个部位都代表着某种意义。Tim开玩笑地说,那你怎么不看看我的“脚相”?Jenny也不示弱,回敬他说,因为他的脚很臭。Tim看说不过Jenny,就改变了话题,问Jenny要不要来帮他布置房间。


1. When reading palms, you first look at the shape of the hand and then the lines.

2. Having a thick and flexible hand means you have a lot of energy.

3. Fine lines on the palm mean you think clearly and rationally.

4. Beginners at palm reading need to learn the three basic lines.

5. One is the lifeline, which represents health and longevity.

6. Then there is the wisdom line, which represents thinking and personality.

7. The last line is the loveline, which represents emotions and relationships.

Dialogue Script 2 对话原文 2

Jenny: No wonder your luck's been so bad recently.
Tim: What are you talking about?
Jenny: Your apartment's feng shui is all messed up.
Tim: You getting superstitious on me again?
Jenny: You have a beam right over your bed.
Tim: So what? It keeps the ceiling from falling on me.
Jenny: It also cuts your energy in half while you sleep. You should put some fabric over it.
Tim: Well, it would look prettier that way, I guess.
Jenny: and your plants are in the wrong corner of the room.
Tim: But they get the most light right there.
Jenny: If you moved them to the southeast corner, you'd start earning more money.
Tim: No. If I switched jobs, I'd make more money.
Jenny: Tim, feng shui is a five thousand years old science.
Tim: There's nothing scientific about it.
Jenny: Do you feel tired in the morning?
Tim: Yes. It's because Beth's whining wears me out too much.
Jenny: No. It's because your bed points towards the door.
Tim: Whatever. Just help me put these posters up, would you?
Jenny: I thought you wanted my advice. Whatever. You'll see the light, eventually.
Tim: Not if you make me move my bed. OK, let's get to work.


1. 在这段对话中,讲到了很多关于风水的问题。好,现在我们来看对话,Jenny来到了Tim的公寓,仔细观察之后说,怪不得Tim最近的运气那么糟糕,原来是Tim房间的风水出了问题。这里用汉语拼音feng shui,来表示“风水”。

2. Tim说Jenny又要跟他来封建迷信那一套,他可不相信。superstitious表示“迷信的,沉溺于迷信的”,用法是superstitious on sth or about sth,比如说,I always put my left shoe on first; I'm superstitious about it. 我穿鞋总是先左后右,我是很迷信这件事的。